About the videographer

Manhattan Media Productions

My Passion


I found my passion in telling stories with a camera.  Capturing all the sites and sounds of a wedding and those amazing moments like seeing each other at opposite ends of the isle knowing what is about to happen or looking directly into each others eyes as the ceremony begins are moments that should be relieved and shared with future generation.


My Experience


In 1991, a friend let me tagalong on a wedding.  He was using a single VHS camera but I was amazed at his story telling skills and that the camera was a just a tool and a creative outlet. 

Over a 1000 weddings later and here we are.  The technology has changed for the better and the so have the creative ways the day can be captured.   However, simple but elegant has remained my style.  The focus of the day should always remain on the bridal couple and great care is taken to ensure the process is completely unobtrusive.